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what's the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel

 A close friend asked me how I'm doing and I did that thing where I WENT IN venting. "my mental health has been chaos" "I had to stop freelancing work and have this debt"  And while those are things I knew were roaming my mind, I shared the one thing I had been holding back even from myself. "And since the pandemic, I've had this feeling that the world is ending, so why even do anything?" And there was the answer to the underlying belief that I've held over this past year, and that I kept ignoring as relevant (because as a Capricorn moon that's what I do, ignore my feelings until they literally eat me out from the inside).  The belief that we were all doomed. Doomed to no end. And that all the systems of all the damn things and all the isms were going to take us to the end if the pandemic didn't do it.  and I haven't allowed myself to complain out loud because I'm one of the lucky ones during this pandemic. I've landed on my

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